By Judy Spady, Founder of “Free Counties

We are Americans and we have sure been through some extremely difficult times throughout our history that have been a challenge to the people. We survived the uncivil war where brothers fought against brothers. We have dealt with many eras of diseases and famines, one being the “Spanish Flu” of 1918 that killed millions in a very short time frame. We were inches away from engaging in a nuclear war during the “Bay of Pigs” under JFK…but throughout these difficult times, the people understood that their inalienable rights come from God or, as the Declaration of Independence, describes it from “the Creator.”

So, why do people believe that they have to obey illegal decrees issued by tyrants like the Governors of the states who have issued “shelter-in-place” or “stay-at-home” orders? As Judge Napolitano points out in his recent article “Beware A Government of Fear,” all of these decrees “should all be rejected by an outraged populace, and challenged in court.” Why are people being so fearful as to not even question the authority of those trying to rule over their lives? People are going to lose their livelihoods because they are allowing fear tactics to rule over them and they aren’t even looking at the rule of law! Most of these state “orders” are just advisory so why shut down your business because the government is telling you they think you should?

Tyrants love high-levels of fear in the masses because that is how they bring on their control. Media outlets profit a lot from instilling fear in everyone.

The problem is that many people don’t understand what our rights are, or where they originate from. Most think that the Constitution granted us our rights, which is false. The Declaration defines where our rights come from – “The Creator.” The government’s authority comes only from “the consent of the governed” and that is us. The government has no legal authority to be involved in healthcare/education and the only way they claim to have it is by breaking the law! We all must be advocating for the rule of law where politicians are not above it, especially in times of crisis.


Most people (even those who have studied the Constitution or went to law school) do not know what the term “Federalism” means. Here’s what it is, in a nutshell. In the days of the founding, “We the People” were the government and all governing bodies worked for us with the Federal government being at the very bottom with ONLY limited (i.e., enumerated) powers from the people.

We live in an upside-down world now because the people haven’t been taught the truth of the Republic in the government education system. There is a reason for that.

Everyone should be MAD AS HELL that they have been lied to for so long!

Where to begin to seek the truth

The Declaration of Independence is the best place to turn when understanding where our rights come from (i.e. “the Creator”) and the 1st Ten Amendments of the Constitution (i.e., the Bill of Rights) tried to limit the government from trampling on them. It would have been more appropriate for them to have been called the Bill of “Limitations” since their purpose was to LIMIT the central government in their interactions with the people.

The next thing to do is to read the Constitution and the Federalist & Antifederalist Papers which you can access near the bottom of our website. Most Constitutional studies such as the Heritage Foundation and others online completely ignore the side of the “Antifederalists” and most Americans don’t even know what the term means. You should. The Antifederalists were Patrick Henry, George Mason, and Thomas Jefferson and if it wasn’t for them, the Constitution wouldn’t have contained the Bill of Rights. They were the true freedom-fighters of the founding era. How sad that we have an entire society who doesn’t even recognize them now. If you want to truly understand your rights, it is vital to understand why the American Revolution was fought to protect them and why the Antifederalists demanded that the government be limited from infringing upon them. George Mason said that he would rather cut off his right arm then sign the Constitution because it did not contain a protection for our rights.

If you read these basic foundational documents then you will find out that our rights pre-existed any form of government and the source of them is our very humanity. Government does not grant the people their rights. The government has only one job – to protect the rights of the citizens, as stated in the Declaration of Independence. Hold your elected officials, at all levels, accountable for this!

Judge Napolitano does an amazing job in this video of explaining this.

STOP Quarantining the Constitution

Both parties are guilty of usurping the Constitution right now with the scare of COVID-19. The Democrats want to take all your rights away and have called for a removal of the 2nd Amendment with Bill H.R. 5717. The Republicans are usurping the Constitution just as much with Trump’s AG (Attorney General) recently asking Congress to grant him the power to suspend the Constitution, specifically Habeas Corpus. This means that he believes he can destroy the rights of the people and can throw individuals into prison, indefinitely, without due process of the law. That is really scary stuff, folks. Trump, himself, has also called for nationwide gun confiscation, twice now. I don’t care which party is in control of the WH, any American citizen should fear those threats.

This is an amazing article from a Constitutional Attorney that is full of tons of information about how tyranny is happening everywhere in our, once great, Republic. Please take the time to read it and click on the links to learn the truth about what’s happening. As it says, “Stay-at-home orders deprive you of your profession, occupation, business and property, without any due process of law at all beyond an executive fiat in violation of the Fifth Amendment right to due process.”

Yes, there is a lot of sickness and deaths happening from the COVID-19 but the government can’t protect us from everything…and we don’t want them to do so! This is also another short explanation of “COVID-19 vs. the Constitution” from the Patriot Coalition where I used to be a state coordinator. It states, “According to our Constitution, We the People have not consented to a restriction on our freedom to peaceably assemble, but we are allowing this infringement for some reason in our states and counties. If it is our choice to self-quarantine, that is perfectly acceptable, but allowing any government to restrict our unalienable God-given rights is but the first step to accepting authoritarian rule.”

Can Government Restrict Travel?

Government is using our cell phones to track us as part of massive surveillance and, recently, Utah’s Governor Herbert issued an “order” saying that anyone entering their state must complete a travel declaration form that will be texted to cell phones after they track them at certain checkpoints or at airports. New Mexico has followed suit on the cell tracking.

Judge Napolitano wrote this eye-opening article to describe how tyrants have no right to infringe upon your life, liberty, or property. In his article, Can the Government Restrict Travel to Protect Public Health? he states the law in this manner: “Thus, a government-ordered quarantine of all persons in a city block or a postal ZIP code or a telephone area code would be an egregious violation of due process, both substantive and procedural. Substantively, no government in America has the lawful power to curtail natural rights by decree.”

Benjamin Franklin once famously said, “Those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

Global Communism

Many of the things happening now to try and steal our rights is coming down from the global levels of communist organizations such as the WHO (World Health Organization), the UN (United Nations), and the CCP (Chinese Communist Party).

The psychopaths at the WHO just said they would have to start removing people from their homes and Tucker Carlson exposed the evil of it. I spoke to a local man the other day as I was telling him how these “orders” from the Colorado Governor are illegal because they violate the Colorado and U.S. Constitutions. He said it didn’t matter because the WHO is now in charge of our laws. I was in total shock and I was at work so I had to keep my composure. I said, “Really? If that was the case it would mean that we have lost all of our nation’s sovereignty and that would be really scary.” He got annoyed and walked away saying it wasn’t scary because it is “for the common good.” Think about that! This is saying that we no longer want to be a nation and we are ready to let the globalists control all of our lives because we trust that a communist global government will take good care of us. Wow, how sad!

Some Congressional Representatives put together a resolution to defund the WHO until the Ethiopian politician and director of the WHO, General Tedros Ghebreyesus, resigns and an international commission investigates the wrongdoings of “helping Communist China cover up a global pandemic” said Rick Scott, R-Fla. Here is the Bill and a follow up story about the sponsor of the bill is found here.

Trump announced a freeze of funding to the WHO but, unfortunately, quickly rescinded it after the WHO General said that the G-20 (another global communist organization) needs to come together to fight this. Of course, he would be pushing for a global decision instead of countries protecting their own sovereignty. So, why didn’t the Trump administration back up the Congressional bill to defund the WHO and stop globalism? All Americans should be asking that question.

Population Control

The elite 1% who rule over all of us want millions of people to die in their population control schemes. Bill Gates has been saying this, in public, for years on “Ted Talks” and in his writings. He recently resigned himself from his philanthropically ran corporation so that he can dedicate himself to tracking everyone down in his plans of “ID2020” where they digitally track the public with implantable devices.

The VIRUS is a HOAX – There is NO Pandemic!

That doesn’t mean it isn’t real. Unfortunately, it is real and some are sick/dying but that happens from all forms of influenza.

Death Toll predictions were way overinflated and now the CDC is even admitting that they won’t be able to reach those predictions even though all deaths reported are labelled as having COVID-19.

Fauci even wrote in the New England Medical Journal on March 26, explaining how the “overall clinical consequences of Covid-19 may ultimately be more akin to those of a severe seasonal influenza.”

Fauci says nobody should ever be able to shake hands again and he wants lockdowns to last for another 18 months!…so does Ezekiel Emmanuel who is the brother of Rahm Emmanuel (remember the “never let a good crisis go to waste” communist from the Obama administration?)…these people are lying by saying our immune system cannot fight against this!! Ezekiel says we must wait as prisoners in our homes until “Vaccine Day.” They love the idea of holding everyone prisoners until they can inject their vaccines full of aborted cells into everyone.

The CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank in St. Louis, James Bullard, is saying that unemployment could go up to 42% and that they want people to “not participate in the economy.” He also goes on with an outright lie by claiming that “there is nothing wrong with the economy” and continues about how they will mandate testing before the economy starts back up but large shipments of the tests shipped to the UK were contaminated with the Virus. This is how they are going to continue spreading it and killing people so they can boost their death numbers! I won’t be doing the test!! Protect your family from this!…this is social engineering from the likes of people such as Bill Gates. In regards to testing, Dr. Rasnick, bio-chemist, protease developer, and former founder of an EM lab called Viral Forensics, was interviewed and says, “Don’t do it, I say, when people ask me,” he replies. “No healthy person should be tested. It means nothing but it can destroy your life, make you absolutely miserable.” He went on to say, “Every time somebody takes a swab, a tissue sample of their DNA, it goes into a government database. It’s to track us,” says David Rasnick. “They’re not just looking for the virus.”

If you are still convinced to stay at home under illegal orders from a tyrannical Governor because you are scared that you might spread or catch the virus then use common sense. If you are sick, by all means, stay home and get better but if you are healthy and well, why not be able to live your life in a normal fashion? In fact, in order to boost up your immune system against viruses, the best advice is to get outside and mingle with other people. One of the worst ways to deal with a respiratory airborne virus is to isolate and stay out of the sun where we gain essential Vitamin D. Dr. Wittkowski firmly stated the truth about how, “the coronavirus could be ‘exterminated’ if we permitted most people to lead normal lives and sheltered the most vulnerable parts of society until the danger had passed.” The video from that honest Doctor was also covered in this article by the New American. Dr. Wittkowski even states how the government’s stay-at-home “orders” have made the problem even worse and how the epidemic would have been over by now if the government would have stayed out of the way. By staying indoors, it actually keeps the virus more “healthy.”

If you only do one thing from this article, let it be the well-spent 40 minutes to watch this video:

The “Sustainable Development” agenda is the main culprit behind the scare

Tom DeWeese of the American Policy Center put out a warning video explaining how the far left socialist/communists are using the COVID crisis to push their “Green New Deal” in a frightening manner. A Colorado candidate for the state legislature stated, “The coronavirus has proved we can afford the Green New Deal” and as Tom says, “this is VERY frightening.” The Green New Deal is an attack on our property rights as he discusses in an earlier video and with many articles on his website.

As Patrick Wood points out in this article on his website, Technocracy News, the “panic of 2020” continues to push the previous efforts from the “Agenda 21” movement and the goals of “Agenda 2030” or the “Green New Deal.” Same key communists behind those agendas and…they never quit. Patrick, appropriately, concludes that “We are all rightfully saddened for anyone who loses their life to COVID-19, but we are going to be a lot more sorry for having trusted a Technocrat to tell us how to deal with the pandemic. The destruction of the economy will result in many more deaths and hardships than COVID-19 could ever imagine.”

Many of us have been fighting against the communist creep of Agenda 21 for decades and we have won some of the battles so they changed the name to “Agenda 2030” or to market it in a better way, the “Green New Deal.” They are all the same plans from the UN to infiltrate every community in our nation and control the people, using the guise of the environment or love of mother earth. That is a communist tactic, at the very core. “Free Counties” came into existence because of many brave Patriots fighting against this in LaPlata County, Colorado.

They are inflating the death rates!!!

Dr. Annie Bukacek who has been practicing medicine for over 30 years, explains the deceitful situation in this video where she shows EXACTLY how all hospitals in the nation are being told to write death certificates as though everyone is dying “with” (not “from”) COVID-19.

So, can you guess WHY they are inflating the Death rates? Well, because the world’s top central bankers issued “pandemic bonds” back in 2017 after the Ebola epidemic and they were really hoping to make more $$ on how many died from this. Yes, it is true as this article points out how, “The World Bank began selling the high-yielding securities a year after the most severe outbreak of Ebola virus on record ended in 2016. They’re modeled on catastrophe bonds that pay out in response to insurance claims for events like hurricanes.”

Here is the primary source with information about their “pandemic bonds” which would have cashed in more for the wealthy, if only the death rates were higher.

Tyrannical Governors

Here are just a few horrific examples of tyrannical Governors who are abusing their power and usurping the Constitutional rights of people:

Michigan – Stops people from buying seeds!!

Thank God (literally) for Justin Amash who is the ONE & ONLY Constitutionalist in all of DC who hasn’t caved. Here was his tweet about the Michigan tyrant:

Kentucky – The cops harassed a church and scattered nails all over the parking lot where cars were trying to assemble for Easter services but the people prevailed and held their service anyhow.

Virginia – Turns state from one that protects rights to a progressive state where the 2nd Amendment is no longer protected and the right to life is completely gone for the innocent. He makes abortions “essential” while shutting down churches.

NevadaCloses health food stores but liquor is still “essential.” Does that sound like they are concerned for your health?

Some Good News! – Some states didn’t shut down!

Colorado has very strict, illegal, shut down “orders”…but South Carolina is the opposite so you would think that Colorado would have less deaths if their shut-down orders were working but that is not the case. Ron Paul discusses that in this video where he talks about other states who didn’t shut down and have zero cases, like Wyoming.

In that same video (above), Dr. Paul points out how Fauci says people should never shake hands again and that they are already planning for another virus coming in the fall. They really want this stuff to continue! Next time it will come back even stronger because people have listened to government and isolated themselves which is more dangerous (as explained by the professor, above). This is pure psychological manipulation from a group of psychopaths who want to rule over others! Bill Gates tells the CDC what to do because he owns most of it. Gates is a eugenicist!! Ron Paul also calls for the people to fire Fauci (#firefauci!) for fraud! Stop listening to these lies that are horrible for your mental state and start listening to the Liberty Report on a daily basis for the truth!

Positive Constitutional Stories!!

Thank goodness there are a few Constitutional Representatives out there that people can watch as great examples. I’m not endorsing any of them from our organization because that would require a full vetting of their actions. They may still be doing other actions against the rule of law and it is up to their local constituents to hold them accountable but we will be listing some of the stories on “Free Counties” as examples in this limited capacity.

  • Way to go, Kansas!! Their legislators and Attorney General told the Governor to back off from being a tyrant!!! She tried telling people they couldn’t go to church over Easter and they stood up to her being a dictator and using illegal orders against the people of Kansas!! The state Attorney General accurately stated, “In our view, Kansas statute and the Kansas Constitution’s Bill of Rights each forbid the governor from criminalizing participation in worship gatherings by executive order.”

    This Kansas story, truly, touches my heart because it is the fruits of labor from my Constitutional mentor, Richard Fry, who was a Constitutional attorney who spent many years educating his state legislators on the Constitution and how it is their job to protect the rights of the people!!

    Unfortunately, we just learned how this State Supreme Court Judge overturned the legislative panel and sided with the corrupt Governor saying that the legislative panel did not have the authority to overturn her Executive Order. I’m pretty sure that if Richard Fry were still alive, he would say that a lawsuit should be filed in Federal Court by the people of Kansas.

  • Here is an amazing story sent to us by our local coordinator in Idaho, Wendy Cox, about all of the key players who are standing firm for the Constitutional rule of law!  –

  • A Constitutional Sheriff in Washington state is standing up against these illegal laws of their Governor. He said, “Just because there’s a crisis going on, doesn’t mean that we should give up our liberties and it definitely means that our elected public servants should not be trying to take our liberties away from us,” and “Our Governor has placed draconian restrictions on the Citizens of Washington State that violate our Constitution,” and “These restrictions are not evenly applied but selective and allow him to pick winners and losers.”

In a crazy authoritarian society full of fiat money and fear, it can get pretty depressing but the good news is that when one analyzes history, it is clear that these fraudulent tactics of the communists, don’t last. They always fail and the evil root of the Federal Reserve will, too. As Ron Paul’s co-host, Chris Rossini, points out in this video, the usury of the Fed’s funny money with their “unbacked printing of however much money you want, has a 100% failure rate” and he continues to explain how these extortionists “believe that what they are doing is good, they believe that counterfeiting money will save them and…they are 100% wrong!”

Civil Disobedience

People had better start using “Civil Disobedience” while we still can. Don’t stop gathering or going to Church. Stand up to their fear-tactics now while we still can. They can’t enforce half of these threats right now unless they are ready to order the military against all of us so stand up while you still are able!! If not, you aren’t doing anything to help stop the global tyranny of communism.

If you are in the military or law enforcement and reading this, please remember the oath you took to uphold the Constitution and to defend American citizens, both foreign,…and domestic. Do not obey orders to do any form of gun confiscation or invading people’s properties. People are starting to stand up!! Peaceful protests such as this one are what need to start happening all across the nation. Even the Ohio Governor admitted that the protestors have the right to assemble because he knows that his “order” is unconstitutional and he doesn’t have a choice. These protests are also covered in today’s “Liberty Report” video. Let’s hold onto the positive things happening across the nation where people are still fighting for the Constitution and standing up for their rights. The purpose of our organization is to give power back to the people, one county at a time. As Ron Paul says, “I think the people are tired of it and people are starting to speak out. I think it’s going to grow by leaps and bounds because I think that is the natural thing to happen.”

Start by getting out and organizing with your neighbors and please consider signing up as one of our local coordinators. All we ask is that you provide us information of what’s happening in your county. The goal is so that counties who are less free can learn from those who are Constitutional and enjoy more of their civil liberties. We are also encouraging everyone who wants to get involved, to create a censorship free account on this Liberty social media platform for your county and start pulling people together. Patrick Wood (mentioned above) is the developer of the platform and it is secure from censorship actions of removal and infiltration like FB does.

“When government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.” – Thomas Jefferson

Stay Strong…Stay Healthy…and Stay Constitutional!

6 thoughts to “Tyrants Gone Wild in the world of COVID-19!! – Why people need to take back their power and know their inalienable rights

  • Rod Sanches

    Another great article, Judy. I haven’t watched all the videos yet but plan to. This definitely needs to be shared. Standing up now while we’re still able to is crucial. Thank you for doing your part!

    • FreeCounties

      Thanks, Rod! We sure appreciate the support!

  • Orrin Smith

    This is a home run article!!! Every American needs to read this!!!!
    Well done Judy
    Orrin Smith

    • FreeCounties

      Orrin – Thank you for the kind words and support! We sure appreciate it!

      Give me liberty or Give me Death!

  • John Nelson

    Until every citizen can use a phone, and or internet connection to verify HOW they voted, and not just THAT they voted, our elections will continue to be wrought with fraud. Having this verification ability will empower citizens to fight for election integrity, and to hold legislators accountable for not curbing election fraud.
    Our form of self government is no more, because lobbyists with their money power control our government officials and craft legislation to control the outcome of our laws, judges lack of actions, legislators usurping sate constitutions, and govenors overreach.

    • FreeCounties

      John, Thank you for your comment full of great wisdom and information. When it comes to election integrity, we ONLY advocate for a return to hand-counted ballots because that is the only way to protect the vote. We had it for many years in this country until the 80’s when they brought in the computers to count the votes…then it all changed. We work closely with Jim Condit Jr of “Watch the Vote” and many others who have fought for honest elections for over 30 years.

      Here is a webpage that explains a lot of the work of some of those people and we, HIGHLY, recommend that all Americans watch the HBO Documentary – “Hacking Democracy.”

      Thank you for reaching out with your valuable information. Keep up the fight for our rights!


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