Rights belong to individuals (not groups or parties) and they derive from our nature (i.e., we are all born with them). They were not granted to us by government and, therefore, can never be taken away unless surrendered.

Our Republic was founded upon the solid principle of private property (i.e. owned by individuals and voluntary groups) and governments can NOT use “arbitrary and capricious” illegal actions in attempting to void this ownership.

Governments do NOT have any authority to redistribute private wealth or grant special privileges to any individual or group over another.

With liberty, comes responsibility and all individuals should be held accountable for their own actions. It is NOT the role of government to protect us from ourselves and it is impossible for them to even attempt to try and do so.

The fruits of the labor of all individuals should be their own to spend as they see fit and government cannot claim to have some monopoly over it’s use. Counterfeiting techniques such as “usury” should be rejected by the people as it was during the Founding Era.

Aggression towards each other or other nations (i.e., wars) should be forbidden in a free society. Labels are often used to confuse this issue so they are called “preventative” or “the war to end all wars” but even when they proclaim to be about trade relations, if done in an aggressive manner without legal declaration and Constitutional authority, should be rejected by the people.

Slavery (or involuntary servitude) should always be rejected in a free society even when it’s sold as forced association, forced taxation/fees, or forced welfare redistribution. It should DEFINITELY be rejected when it is forced onto your personal self even if it’s sold as the “greater good.”

Government should be held accountable by the people to obey the law that it expects others to obey. Any type of force that attempts to mold or change behaviors, manipulate society, manage the economic affairs of others, or dictate to other countries how they should behave should ALWAYS be rejected by the people of a free society!

Reference: These principles are based on the founding of our Republic and were suggested from Dr. Ron Paul (Libertarian, non-aggressive, Constitutional Congressman for over 30 years) in his book, “Liberty Defined: 50 Essential Issues That Affect Our Freedom” (page 327, Appendix: Ten Principles of a Free Society).