Property rights are a vital element of a free society. The founders of our Republic knew this and tried to protect this fundamental right. Unfortunately, the people have failed to uphold their duty under the Constitution to hold their elected officials accountable to protecting these rights.

It’s baffling to understand how our natural rights are being stripped from us every day by all levels of government. Of course, as Dr. Ron Paul points out, it’s always done with good intention, right?

Government policies such as eminent domain are legalized theft! So…why do the people continue to put up with it?

Unfortunately, the people have been brainwashed by government schools and the media and no longer value their God-given rights as society once did. The people simply are not paying attention to how their governments continue to trample on these rights, especially property rights.

As the great Patriot, Murray Rothbard states, “there are no human rights that are separable from property rights.

Ludwig Von Mises takes it even further when he points out “the end of property really is the end of freedom.” Strong words that are very true.

Sadly, in today’s modernist world, people are constantly handing over their property and privacy rights. Just look at the state of the world after the spring of 2020. Individuals continually handed over their privacy rights by wearing the facial masks and they do it on a regular basis at the airports. All in the name of security, right?

Why do governments continually make policies invading the property rights of the people they believe they have authority over?

We strongly believe that the article mentioned above points it out best when it says:

“Every would-be tyrant excoriates private property, not because communism would be great for the people but because private ownership is a barrier to the tyrant’s power and control. In its absence, power rules and there is nothing like freedom. Without private property, there can be no free press, freedom of religion, or freedom of association.”

It threatens the very power of those who wish to rule over others. That is why governments do whatever they can to trample on property rights.

It’s up to the people to STAND UP and put an end to it in your local community!! Start by building a Freedom Pod.