Red Flag Gun “laws” (i.e., illegal pieces of legislation so they should not be referred to as a “law”), also known as, Extreme Risk Protection Orders (ERPO) are illegal gun confiscation acts that allow the government to take guns without any due process of the law! Anyone who has a vendetta against another can, unanimously in some cases, report another who they can falsely claim is dangerous…and the SWAT team can show up the next day stripping the person of their natural right of self-defense, without any due process.

Unfortunately, this has already passed in several states (as of Aug. 2019, wikipedia reported 17 states) and is also being supported by the White House in this quote and in this announcement and these gun bans.

These unconstitutional pieces of legislation in the states are “authoritarian” and written by “fiercely anti-gun people” who are “not concerned with public safety” but who are “concerned with public disarming” as described by Judge Napalitano in this video:

Here is Ron Paul explaining these gun grab bills at the federal level:

Here is a longer discussion about this bipartisan gun confiscation at the federal level:

The Constitution Doesn’t like it!


Here is how you can help. It’s really simple. Download this resolution and tweak it just a little bit to fit your town/county and then take it (with several people if you can) to your town council or county commissioners/supervisors and DEMAND that they protect the citizens they are responsible to represent. This stuff is happening because the people are still asleep and not involved at their local levels. Shouldn’t you do your part? It is your DUTY under the Constitution and to God Almighty to do so!


That resolution came from “Gun Owners of America” and here is the page where it is described –

Also, kindly remind all of your members of Law Enforcement or Military of the OATH they took to protect citizens against ALL ENEMIES, foreign…and DOMESTIC. Here is a great video with that reminder:

“Gun Owners of America” (GOA) explains:

“As of 1/07/2020, over 418 counties, cities, and towns have passed SASOs or sanctuary resolutions in 21 separate states. Illinois, Colorado, New Mexico, Washington, and more recently Virginia, have passed them in a majority of their counties.”

That is GREAT news!!

So Please help by doing your part

This is another great group that helps you connect with others in your state or county to organize.