We are a grassroots organization of people who are committed to fighting for the unalienable rights of all citizens without regards to the divisiveness of partisan politics. We NEVER waver on the U.S. Constitution nor the individual state Constitutions.

Our focus is on helping members to fight ONLY at the local level where we still have a voice and it must be against the ONE agenda that has brought communism to each subdivision, school district, town, and county of this, once great, nation.

We fight for property rights which is in opposition to the “sustainable development” agenda that goes by many other names such as “Agenda 21,” “The green new deal,” or…now, more specifically, “Agenda 2030.” If you are not actively fighting against this behemoth agenda then you are part of it by your silence.

It’s no longer an option to sit back and do nothing. You MUST take back your local area against this communist takeover.

Please read Our Principles because they are are very important!

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Free Counties is fighting for a return to these 3 Solid Principles of Freedom:

  • U.S. and state’s Bill of Rights
  • Free Markets
  • True Representation of the People