Denver Legislation to Bankrupt Farmers

As the video above points out, there is an international agenda to shut down farmers across this land! Of course it’s all in the name of “sustainable development” with the goal of “rewilding” the west where they even admit how Biden’s 30×30 plan is to take half of the land in the nation (seriously, go read it for yourself in their own words)!! We also discussed this HUGE land grab that is the worst in the history of our nation in this article of our blog.
This plan of building what they call an “Inclusive City” is all part of the agenda we have been exposing for decades. They just have fancy names to make it sound good but, in reality, it’s all based on the “Ideal Communist American City.”
It is time for you to stand up against this happening in your area because we are all affected by it since it affects the food chain. This would shut down local farmer’s markets and small farmers who provide eggs, raw milk, beef, chickens, vegetables and fruits, etc.
This all came to Colorado from an extremist vegan organization out of California as this article points out.
So…what do we do about it?
Start by building a “Freedom Pod” in your area.