The number one purpose of local governments is to protect the rights of the people, especially property rights.
Are property rights being protected by local officials?

A pledge called “Candidate’s Promise to Protect Citizen’s Property Rights” is being presented to candidates in the election on 4/2. This is a short, basic half-page document explaining the pledge and reads as follows:

I support this definition of private property rights: “Property in a thing consists not merely in its ownership and possession but in the unrestricted right of use, enjoyment, and disposal. Anything which destroys any of the elements of property to that extent, destroys the property itself. The substantial value of property lies in its use. If the right of use be denied, the value of the property is annihilated and ownership is rendered a barren right.” Written by Washington State Supreme Court Justice Richard B. Sanders (Fifth Amendment Treatise, 1997)

I agree that individual property ownership constitutes an asset of unique value, as well as the foundation of individual liberty for American citizens. Private property rights are under attack across the nation and its protection must be a first priority in government planning and development projects.

These are positions I pledge to promote and uphold for private property rights if I am elected to the position I seek.

Which Candidates have signed?

For Mayor

Tom Au

Ashleigh Tarkington

For Town Trustee

Cash Snooks

Matt Nyberg

David Black

Laura MacLaurin

Kat Katsos

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