“We the People” have a Constitutional DUTY in our Republic to reign in our local governments when they are accepting bribes from the Federal and State governments, instead of doing their ONLY job which is to protect the rights of the people!

Our organization has worked with the “American Policy Center” for many years and we have recently partnered with them to build “Freedom pods” across the country. We will soon be rolling out short educational videos where we remind people of how we are living in the times of the Founding Era of our Republic and how this is a beautiful thing because our nation was firmly founded on individualism and rejected collectivism from the very start!

These “Freedom pods” will have a SOLID focus on private property rights because, as Judge Napalitano points out in this important video, the Natural Law is based upon “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness (i.e., property)” as defined in the Declaration of Independence.

Property Rights

Our organization at “Free Counties” has been fighting for property rights for over a decade now.

We started in LaPlata County, Colorado where we worked with other local Patriots and threw our County Comprehensive Plan in the trash because it was “directly connected to Agenda 21” (quote from the County Planner in 2010 after he admitted it to us at one of our meetings…he resigned immediately after that admission).

Unfortunately, they never quit pushing this international agenda and 7 years later they rubber-stamped the Comprehensive Plan and rolled out the codified Land-Use Code. Back in 2010 when we fought against this international agenda, they always told us how it was nothing to worry about since the Comprehensive Plan was just an “advisory” document and not regulatory in nature. We knew that if we didn’t stand up against it that pretty soon their plans for things like light ordinances, noise ordinances, zoning, etc would become regulatory. It only took them 7 years after the people told them they didn’t want their international agenda and then they codified it as regulations and now it’s in every town of our county.

We are not giving up. Now we need to fight that same agenda with our town governments and within even smaller entities such as subdivisions, townships, etc.

Property Rights is one of the main principles of liberty that our Republic was founded upon but the problem is that the people no longer understand what it means. Property isn’t just a term for land or a house. It’s so much more. Property refers to your clothes, purse, cats, dogs, cars, even your thoughts.

Tom DeWeese of The American Policy Center (APC) explains this in a recent article:

Partnering with APC

We partnered up with the American Policy Center when our Founder was featured as one of the trainers in the FREE Webinars for activists across the country on how to fight for freedom and liberty.

We have also just been mentioned in the national newsletter of APC where it explains that we are organizing a “Freedom pod” in Bayfield Colorado while also helping to build others in our area and across the nation through people that have worked with our organization.

Freedom works!…and we are going to do our part to make this idea of “freedom pods” spread faster than any virus!

Create a Freedom pod in Your Backyard!