Become an Activist for Freedom!

Americans are living in some very dangerous times as communism is being pushed into every community through one Agenda – the “Sustainable Development Agenda.”

In order to protect your local community, it is VITAL that you become a local activist to fight against this evil beast.

The best place to start is through the free training program that we offer through our partnership with the “American Policy Center.”

Take these FREE webinars to become a freedom activist in your state!

#1-Know Your Enemy!

#2-How to Become A Citizen Ninja!

#3-If You Don’t Stand Up Then You’re What’s for Dinner!

#4-Building a Legislative Liberty Coalition

The next one is the training seminar where the founder of our organization - Judy Spady - gives a presentation on how to be a successful activist at the *LOCAL* level.

#5-Think Locally, Act Locally!

This is the latest seminar.


Support the cause for the BEST organization that has been actively fighting back against the SD Agenda for over 30 years! Our partner at the American Policy Center just brought you all of these effective FREE webinars but you really need the handbook to go with it, especially if/when they bring the internet down.

Get yours right now!! Click their logo, below.