Isn’t it time for the people of Colorado to take back their state? It has been in the hands of the progressives for many years and has now become extremely tyrannical with the illegal “orders” coming from the Governor during the COVID scare of 2020.

“We the People” of Colorado are EXTREMELY fortunate because our state Constitution protects our rights even more than the U.S. Constitution and more than other states. Why? Because it was written in 1776 according to the Virginia Declaration of Rights long before the Constitution was written without the first Ten Amendments. Article 2 explains how ALL POWER is vested in the people and that government only gains their authority from the “consent of the governed.” It fully protects our property rights in sections 1, 3, 14, & 15.

The history of our state is EXTREMELY important because the only part of the foundational law that came before the POWER of the PEOPLE was Article 1 which drew up the state boundaries. The government was created AFTER the People!!

*Please visit this page to better understand why these 2 things ARE REQUIRED in order for Colorado citizens to regain their power. Let’s do this!!!!

Operation “No Worker Left Behind” is happening across the state with a “Freedom Friday” rally at the capitol on April 24, 2020 from 1-4 where a declaration will be presented to the Governor on behalf of the people and where counties are reminding their local representatives of our property rights as defined by the Colorado Constitution!

Citizens are fed up with the illegal actions of Jared Polis, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE), and the Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) for infringing upon the property rights of business owners by bullying them to close their doors, by scaring counties into forcing people to wear items on their bodies without their consent, and by threatening to pull the licenses of those businesses who don’t comply with their tyranny.

It’s time for the people to unite across Colorado and STAND UP for their inalienable rights!

Take these ACTIONS to protect yourself now!!

1. Open the doors of your business!

Article 2, Sections 1, 3, 14 & 15 of the Colorado Constitution are all a business owner needs to open up their doors because the Colorado Constitution is the SUPREME Law of our state! Print these sections off and open your doors before you lose all of your livelihood. You have rights and your Freedom is “essential!”

2. Protect your body as your property!

Your body is your property and so are your thoughts. Print Article 2, Sections 1, 3, 7, 14, & 15 of the Colorado Constitution and carry it with you at all times. If anyone (a business, a tyrant, a cop, a crazy person, etc.) tries to force you to wear something on your body that you do not want to wear, show them that your property rights are clear! Encourage them to know the Supreme law of our state Constitution!

3. Contact your local representative!

Please do your DUTY of upholding the state Constitution by contacting your local representatives. If you are in LaPlata County, please go to this page, El Paso County, or contact your local County Commissioners.

Here is some more history about the takeover of Colorado. Colorado was intentionally taken over by progressives several years ago when they ushered in their “Blue Print” and they have been destroying the state ever since but the Republicans haven’t helped much since then either with things like “Amycare” and many other examples. People know that something is very wrong in our great state but they aren’t quite sure how it happened. Things got FAR worse when the “Gang of Four” came in with their billions to further destroy our civil liberties. Jared Polis was elected as State Governor in 2018 and destroyed the oil and gas industry, signed in one of the nation’s first “Extreme Risk Protection Order” (i.e., Red Flag Gun Confiscation) illegal bills, and pushed the LGBT agenda onto all school children across the state, as young as preschool. An independent pollster from Denver stated this about the “Gang of Four” – “But for them, the Democrats wouldn’t have won.” That same article is a reprint from a chapter called, “Move Over, Christian Coalition: The New Political Kingmakers” in this book.

It’s Time To Give Colorado Back to the People!!