The “Sustainable Development” (SD) Agenda funded by money outside of our Centennial state is on a mission to destroy our state economy, at all costs. Billionaires such as Tom Steyer from California have brought their money into Colorado to lobby our state legislators to pass Senate Bill SB 19-181 even though the voters rejected Proposition 112 in November, 2018.

Proposition 112 was rejected by the citizens of Colorado 56.1% over 43.9% so it was not by some small amount. The people of Colorado spoke LOUD and CLEAR that they do NOT want more regulations on the most regulated industry of our state. Here is a statement from Dan Haley, President & CEO of the Colorado Oil & Gas Association:

“The thousands of men and women who work tirelessly each day to provide all of us the energy we need are proud to call Colorado home. We’re grateful that Coloradans stood with the energy sector to oppose this measure. I want every Coloradan to know that we are committed to developing our resources in a responsible manner that protects the environment and keeps our employees and communities healthy and safe.”

But…even though the people of Colorado told the outside environmentalists that we don’t want their meddling in Colorado business affairs, the SD-agenda pushers just won’t stop.

SB-181 passed out of the Senate on March 13 during one of the worst snow storms in the Denver area in several years and there is no doubt that this was planned in such manner. Even Ken Salazar (D) is speaking out against it saying it is “too extreme for Colorado.”

Senator John Cooke (R-Greeley) tried to slow down this fast-moving tyrannical bill by asking that his “non-controversial clean-up bill” (HB-19-1172) be completely read by the legislators. According to a report from Complete Colorado-Page Two, “Cooke said because the Colorado Constitution does not allow for filibustering, this was the only tool the minority had to slow down the process, and after leadership made it clear last week they were not going to voluntarily slow down the process, he had to act.”

Please register to testify on March 19 from your remote location!!

Here are some documents that you can print with the facts: