The La Plata County Board of County Commissioners voted, unanimously, to hire an expensive Texas-based consulting firm – KKC (Kendig Keast Collaborative) to rewrite the existing Land Use Code (LUC). The approach that has been taken has been one of extremely top-down policies that dictate zoning regulations onto the whole county.

Because the local county government derives it’s authority from the “consent of the governed,” (as defined by the Declaration of Independence) the people should be involved in any process of revising it and a more “bottom-up” approach would be a better solution to the decades of chaos that has existed in land use planning.


Please read this “Evaluation of County Regulatory Process and Recommendations for Land Use Planning and Governmental Reform” report that has been prepared for the “Landowners of La Plata County (LOLP).


Complex Problems Solved Well

Here is Jim Carlson speaking about how the people should Reform their governments: