There is a push to release an invasive species of wild wolves into Colorado and it’s being promoted in La Plata County by the “San Juan Citizens Alliance” and other environmental groups.

Before citizens think this is a good idea, please watch this documentary – “Crying Wolf” which was done by a young man – JD King – who followed what has happened in Yellowstone.
Please research other areas around the nation who have dealt with the unintended consequences of man bringing in wolves which causes many issues for the Agricultural communities, the hunting industry, domestic animals and can even threaten the lives of young children. These are wild animals…not pets. The grey wolf is an invasive species of wolves that are not native to these areas.
Free Documentary – “Crying Wolf

The wolves released in Montana & Idaho were not responsibly managed as promised so it’s important to look at the reality of the impact.

Let’s look at other counties across the Nation who have dealt with the issue and ask ourselves is this a good idea for a Free Society?
Here was the response when this was introduced in Carbondale, Colorado.

Gray wolf reintroduction talk has ranchers seeing red

Siskiyou County, California

Stevens County, Washington

*Notice where he says the wolves aren’t the real problems, the government restrictions are.

So, what happens to livestock when they are attacked by wolves and are the numbers of deaths accurate? No….

How about just south of us in New Mexico? – Catron County and Grant County, NM

Have Wolves really saved Yellowstone as the environmentalists claim?