“We the People” of Bayfield, Colorado want our town back!! Let’s unite to END the Emergency! Our town has not been affected by any “pandemic” and now the local government is actively working to infringe on the property rights of businesses and individuals. This will eventually crush our economy. Please read and sign the following petition to let your voice be heard showing how we care about our small, rural town and don’t want to play politics with a tyrannical Governor and his governmental agencies. We want to save our town!

Please read and sign this petition if you own any property (it doesn't necessarily have to be land. All that you own is your property, even your own thoughts) in the 81122 Zip Code area.

*NOTE: Your personal information (i.e., name and address) will be kept completely confidential and not released to anyone outside of our organization.  That is why we have this setup as a petition drive embedded into our website instead of using 3rd party online petition sites. Everything we do is local and that includes this petition. You have our word that your signature will remain anonymous. We are only asking for the addresses for the credibility of the petition so that it is a TRUE representative sample of the people in the area of Bayfield, Colorado. Please email us if you have any questions on this.


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More information on how there is no "emergency" in Bayfield.

"LaPlata CO has 56,000 residents. 3200+ have been allegedly infected by the corona in a year...and an alleged 37 have died of it. So we have a infection survival rate of 98.9% and an overall death rate in the county of all infected and non-infected people .066%. Not really an emergency."
FC Member, George B.

We encourage people to do their own research by going straight to the primary source, at the local level.

On March 24, 2020, Matt Salka (Mayor at the time) declared a “State of Emergency” and this has never been lifted in town. There have not been any ordinances in regards to “covid restrictions” but the town has still violated the property rights of businesses by the town Marshal shutting down one business when the county was in the “red” zone and by responding to “complaint-based” calls from citizens who think they can tell other people what to do with their bodies. One business said that the Marshal was there faster than a 911 call. For what? An “advisory” from San Juan Basin Health? That’s not law. A “guidance” from CDPHE. That’s not law. An illegal executive order from a tyrant that didn’t go through the legislative process of Colorado? That’s not law.

Many law enforcement agencies across the state said that they wouldn’t even attempt to enforce such illegal nonsense because they aren’t the mask police so why are we putting up with the Bayfield Marshal doing it?

Here is what the *suggesion-violations* (yes, that is an oxymoron) from SJBH look like. Notice where it states how the only purpose is to “encourage voluntary compliance” with these public health “orders” (which are not “orders” at all).

Does the Bayfield Marshal not understand this? Talk to him, ask him, show him.

It is your duty to stand up for your rights. It is your duty to find these things out, not just to comply with overreaching executive powers that are unconstitutional (i.e., illegal) as several local governments in Colorado have shown.

Monument, Colorado

The Town of Monument Colorado, UNANIMOUSLY, passed a resolution explaining how unconstitutional these actions are.

Here are some of the stories about how Monument became a COVID-19 sanctuary city! You can read about it here, here, and here.

Douglas County

Douglas County also, UNANIMOUSLY, passed a resolution stating that the actions of the Governor are unconstitutional (i.e., illegal). You can read about it here.


One of our supporters told us about how Douglas County  took things a step further and opted out of Tri County Health Department’s COVID Guidelines.

We the People need to do the same thing in Bayfield!!

Here’s a statement from the Tri County Health Department:

“Per the Policy of the Tri-County Health Department Board of Health, each of our Boards of County Commissioners is allowed to opt out of a county-wide public health order.

We believe that the Public Health Order we have announced is appropriate for all three counties given the recent rates of increase in cases all three counties have experienced and the possibility that increased spread of variant strains could reverse some of our recent progress despite our favorable trends in vaccination.

However, support of local officials is important for the success of any public health order and we respect their prerogative to opt out of ours if they so choose.”

Douglas County also opted out of the local health department’s mask insanity right away last July.

Custer County

We also found out how Custer County, Colorado voted, UNANIMOUSLY, to lift *ALL* state restrictions. You can read it here.

If you have any questions at all, please email us.

As you can now easily see, the actions of the Colorado Governor are illegal (i.e., unconstitutional) and tyrannical. The “restrictions” he has made in his illegal Executive Orders (EOs) are not law because they have NOT gone through the legislative process.

As our sister site explains, “requiring masks is illegal” because it violates several sections of the Colorado Bill of Rights.

In regards to the Bayfield "complaints-based" system that the Martial has been responding to: