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Sustainable Development Agenda

By on February 10, 2020

How does this affect our towns/counties?

What is Agenda 21/2030 or the “Sustainable Development” Agenda? It is a HUGE plan to force American citizens out of rural areas through planning, zoning, regionalism, etc. so they can control the population in mega-cities and control forms of transportation.

Here is Tom DeWeese (national expert on “Sustainable Development” agenda and Agenda 21/2030:

Here is the Map from one part of the “Sustainable Development” Agenda that shows how they plan to move people out of the rural areas. The parts on the map in red would no longer be open for “human use.”

Here is Henry Lamb explaining these protected areas and the “Wildlands Project.”

Wildlands Project

Michael Shaw briefly explains how the “Wildlands Project” works to keep people out of certain rural areas:

Nonpartisan Issue

People who love the individual liberty principles that our Republic was founded upon and who hate the idea of global governance have been waking up for many years and fighting against this collective agenda. This is not an issue that is left/right…Democrat/Republican. It is an American issue and all should be concerned.

Rosa Koire is a lady in California who started an organization called “Democrats Against Agenda 21” and wrote a book called “Behind the Green Mask” here she is interviewed by Glen Beck: