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"Sustainable Development" Agenda to Control the Masses
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There is a communist globalist agenda being pushed in every county of the nation but instead of being done in a top-down fashion, it's happening at your local level. Understand it and learn what you can do to help your county.

Map of Plans to Control Us

LaPlata County Fights Back!!
Read the Founding Documents!
Understand the history of our Constitutional Republic and know your DUTY defined in the Declaration of Independence and how it is expected that you uphold the Constitution. Read the Federalist and the Anti-federalist Papers!!!

Declaration of Independence


Federalist Papers

Anti-Federalist Papers

New Website Coming Soon!

Our organization began in La Plata County, Colorado to fight for property rights against draconian zoning/planning authoritarian government...but it has grown tremendously in 2 years and now has county coordinators in many states. We are changing our website to show this difference so please bear with us and watch for our new site which will give greater details and connect many counties together in the battle for our rights!